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When you meet the requirements

  • Certificate of Completion ECC Knowledge Test

You upload the progress report

  • Certificate of Completion

You get the deliverables

  • Computer and Printer plus $$ on Debit Card

Classes may be taken online, or at your local Community Service Centers, Continuing Education, or Technical Schools of your choice.

All essays must contain a minimum of 100 words, with the exception of the  Homeownership Essay which must contain a minumum of 250 words.  It is your responsibility to submit all Certificates and Essays to Emerald Citi.  You will be able to choose the vehicle you desire upon completion of requirements.  You will be able to choose the House you desire upon completion of requirement and after submitting a Neighborhood safety report to Emerald Citi.  After completion of Phase 1 of this program, you may be elgible for Phase 2.  You will be contacted if all Requirements and Progress Reports are met.